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    1: 以下、名無しにかわりましてネギ速がお送りします 2014/11/29(土) 21:40:38.69 BE:292723191-PLT(19081) ポイント特典

    Unknown hacker breaks into Indiana Department of Transportation’s
    electronic message system. F-bombs ensue.

    “Slow the f--- down,’ read one.
    “Merry F------ New Year,” read another.

    Several motorists complained to the Indiana Department of Transportaion’s
    emergency center and the the electronic highway signs were shut down.
    The signs were along a state highway in Martinsville.
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    no title

    3: 以下、名無しにかわりましてネギ速がお送りします 2014/11/29(土) 21:42:30.63

    oh...miss spell

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